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Standing Strong

Traveling Moai
Traveling Moai
Easter Island, Chile

As the late afternoon clouds start to roll in I snagged this long exposure of the Traveling Moai standing proudly above Ahu Tongariki.

The Traveling Moai has been around, in fact he has been to Japan and back! As a thank you to the Japanese for donating a crane and rebuilding the entire Ahu Tongoraiki site after a massive earthquake off the coast of Chile produced a tsunami that rocked the site of and thew the Moai hundreds of yards inland; the Rapa Naui people granted the Japanese permission to take the Traveling Moai to Japan for their Worlds Fair. Upon his return, the Traveling Moai was used in experiments to test the theories on how the Moai were said to have walked up right from Rano Raraku to various locations throughout the island.