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Ahu Tongariki Overlooking the Milky Way

Ahu Tongariki Over Looking the Milky Way
Ahu Tongariki Overlooking the Milky Way
Easter Island, Chile

Due to the remote location of Easter Island, it has some of the darkest skies you will see anywhere, but these skies are just as elusive as they are brilliant. Being a small island in the heart of the Pacific there is a constant influx of clouds that unpredictably roll in and out at a moments notice. Over the course of the entire week that I spent here, I had one opportunity to capture the Milky Way and only about a two hour window to make it happen. I chose the epic ceremonial site of Ahu Tongariki which boast the largest of Moai to be transported across the island. With15 Maoi standing strong, they were the perfect silhouette to this blanket of stars accented by the quarry site of Rano Raraku peaking out in the distance.

In order to capture the Milky Way in this manner I had to read a few books by some professional photographers to learn the unorthodox camera settings that I almost never use. For those of you looking to get into this kind of shooting Nightscape by David Kingham is a good place to start.